McAllister's Machine Co.

My name is Hugh McAllister and I'm the owner of McAllister's Machine Co.

Starting with my apprenticeship in 1972, I've been working in and around all types of machining processes. I've also been involved with designing tooling and small machines to help solve manufacturing problems in a variety of industries.

We opened our doors here in beautiful Baldwin County in May 2013. Since then, we've worked on parts and assemblies for the Aerospace, Marine and Automotive Industries.

Our customers include: Segers Aero, Continental Motors, Berg Spiral Pipe, GAF and others.

We operate both manual and CNC machine tools and have one of the only conventional EDM machines in the area. We also work with SolidWorks 3D rendering software to help design customer parts.

By utilizing my background and experience, I'm confident I can help meet your needs.

Please let me know how I can be of service!